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Sunday Funday: Philly Edition

This past Sunday for Father’s Day we spent the day exploring in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We started with a tour of main line Philly where my dad grew up and I’ll be spending the rest of the summer. The houses are absolutely gorgeous and the Philadelphia suburbs make it seem like you’re living in a quaint little forest with the city only thirty to forty minutes away. Here’s a little map I found near where we toured. I thought it was so creative, since it involved her perception of the area rather than just the locations.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 11.12.34 PM.png

After our tour of the main line we headed to Penn’s Landing for dinner at the Moshulu. The Moshulu was absolutely gorgeous inside. There were three main areas to the boat: the dining area (which was pretty formal), the outside eating area (a lot more casual), and the deck (where the bar and DJ were placed). The view was also pretty awesome! The food was well presented and delicious! We dined inside and grabbed drinks on the deck. I ordered the beef dumplings and the miso glazed salmon with two mint mojitos (;


After dinner, Mary and I walked around Spruce Street Harbor Park. I’ve been itching to go here since I moved to Philly; it’s one of the Best Places to visit in Philadelphia via the national press. There are colorful hammocks, floating gardens, and great food trucks. It almost feels like a more refined version of the boardwalk. As we walked around the park we stopped for some hand-dipped ice cream at a cute little food truck called S.S. Franklin Fountain. I thought it was pretty cool how they served their cone upside down in a small chinese take-out box! It also hit the spot after a long hot day.


As the sun set, we all headed to Franklin Square for the Chinese Lantern Festival. We watched the chinese dancers spin plates and perform the traditional Tibetan dance with the lanterns in the background. Franklin Square was beautifully lit up with multiple lanterns. While the lanterns were given more of an American tourist twist, it was still really fun to see and some the artistic skill that goes into making the lanterns is incredible like the 125-foot dragon that is always a favorite year after year. My personal favorite were the umbrellas they reminded me of the ones you get at restaurants to put in your drink, as well as, the pandas (my favorite animal) of course!


We didn’t stay long since it was getting late and it was our last stop of the day; we were all very tired at that point. As we left the chinese lantern festival we went back to Penn’s Landing to grab some quick views of the Moshulu lit up. Unfortunately due to a windy night the sails weren’t up, but the ship was still lit up, the city lights as a backdrop. After Penn’s Landing, we headed home as the marina was closing down and people were settling back into place getting ready for Monday morning, as did we. 


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