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10 Women-Owned Business I'm Loving

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Over the past few months, I started really thinking about my own impact on the world. Something I’ve valued throughout my life and career is the support that I’ve been given by family, friends and other women. I love having this online community and one of the things I want to do is mindfully consume which not only includes thinking more sustainably, but also who I am supporting. I’ve been enjoying looking up the brands, companies, and especially the founders that I am supporting by purchasing or using a product. This month I’ve decided to round up some of my favorite women-owned businesses I’ve been loving ranging from skin care to books and even some home décor. These businesses ooze passion, love and a mission behind their high-quality products. I hope you love them just as much as I do!

To wrap up Women’s History Month, I decided I wanted to celebrate the women who founded some of my favorite brands, companies, and products. Let’s get into it!

1. Cocofloss

Cocofloss is a luxury dental floss company focused on beauty, health, and sustainability. It was founded by the Cu sisters - Chrystle, a dentist, and Cat, an artist. Cocofloss offers a way to sustainably refill your floss in a completely compostable packaging to reduce single-use plastics. They have also partnered with the Wildlife Conservation Network to maintain healthy habitats for both animals and humans around the world. I actually did a whole post on Cocofloss as part of my sustainability swaps series. Check it out here!

2. The Homebodies Co

The Homebodies is a shop of curated goods for feel-good spaces and more intentional living. Right up my alley! The shop was founded by Jules Acree, a lifestyle influencer also known as Om & The City that focuses on mindful living and ensuring things in your home have a purpose. Her content is always very helpful and down-to-earth. I can really relate to her love for plants (because I love them too) and efforts to make sustainable choices.

5. Holistic Habitat

Holistic Habitat is a socially-conscious home décor online boutique. It was started by two friends Rachael and Kristin to create a company that ethically sources unique and diverse products for your home. One of their core values is to give generously and I love that they don’t just believe it, but have taken action to give back 15 percent of their profits to charity.

4. Cocokind

Priscilla Tsai founded and launched Cocokind in November 2014 as a way to provide clean, conscious and accessible skincare that empowers women. Cocokind’s commitment to providing clean products to everyone is evident in the 3,000 stores in the U.S. that carry products, such as Target, Whole Foods, and Bed Bath & Beyond. In addition, Tsai launched a mentorship program where she gives advice to one female entrepreneur every month through her “Talk to Me” initiative.

3. Lola

LOLA was started by two college friends Alexandra Friedman and Jordana Kier that decided to build an all-women company to address the lack of transparency around feminine and reproductive care products. LOLA offers a variety of products with high-quality ingredients, like their 100 percent organic cotton tampons, all while advocating for reproductive care that is safe and accessible for everyone.

6. Covry Eyewear

Covry is an inclusive eyewear brand that was founded by two high-school besties Athina Wang and Florence Shin. Frustrated with the lack of comfortable eyewear options for diverse face shapes they created Covry. As someone with a common low-bridge Asian nose it is often difficult for me to find glasses that actually fit without falling down or having the frames touch my checks. I love supporting these two fellow Asian women and the high quality frames.

7. Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays was founded by beauty influencers Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Ireland in an effort to create skincare that is easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing, and with clean ingredients. Hewitt and Ireland founded Summer Fridays with one of their most-loved, multi-tasking products the Jet Lag Mask. It really embodies the brand to transport you to the carefree, sunny days of summer.

8. The Lavendaire Shop

The Lavendaire Shop is an online boutique founded by Aileen Xu in 2014 to share insights and inspiration on how to embrace your true potential and create your dream life - one that is beautiful and meaningful to you. I love this shop’s message: Life is an art. Make it your masterpiece. The shop includes beautiful journals and cozy loungewear. I also love Xu’s focus on sustainability by using all recyclable materials in their packaging, FSC-certified recycled paper and food grade inks for their workbooks and planners. I think one of the coolest things is that their Artist of Life Workbook is also offered as a digital version at a lower price to make it more accessible and sustainable.

9. Harriet’s Bookshop

Harriet’s Bookshop is a black women-owned business founded by Jeannine A. Cook in the beginning of 2020. It instantly became a hit in one of Philadelphia’s notoriously white neighborhoods with a history of high racial tension, Fishtown. Cook named her bookstore after Harriet Tubman that embodies its mission to celebrate black women authors, women artists, and women activists. Harriet’s Bookshop and Cook were pivotal when the protests started by handing out free copies of White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo, How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi, and more!

10. Brooklyn Candle Studio

Last up is the Brooklyn Candle Studio founded by Tamara Mayne on a mission to create candles with captivating scenes, beautiful minimalist design, and the best ingredients. Also with a commitment to make luxury candles at accessible prices. I love that these candles are inspired by nature, travel, moments, and memories. I think scents really do have the power to transcend you to different times in your life. I love a good smelling candle, but I love that I can feel safe burning these candles in my home. They are made of 100% soy wax derived from American-grown soybeans and use a lead-free cotton wick. They are petroleum-free, cruelty-free, and 100% vegan all shipped in recyclable packing and shipping materials. What’s not to love!

What’s one woman-owned business that you’ve been loving lately? Let’s show them some love and support in the comments!

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