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2021 Winter Causebox

Hey there! I’m so excited to share the 2021 Winter causebox with you all :)

Not familiar with causebox? It is a quarterly subscription box filled with ethically-made, sustainable goods. This is my third box and I am loving every item I’ve received. I love that causebox’s mission is to create a greener, fairer, and kinder way to shop.

There are two ways to subscribe to the box: Quarterly subscription at $54.99 / 3 months OR Annual subscription at $199.80 / year

I am an annual subscriber, which allows me to customize each quarterly box. I find this makes it so I really love all the items in the box and I get to choose which items will be most useful to me. A subscription also includes access to their Members-Only Market where you can shop high-quality and sustainable products as low as 70% off. I usually find one or two items I needed like reusable plastic bags or sustainable sponges that I’ll add on to my causebox.

Well without further delay, let’s go through the items in my 2021 winter causebox!

Customization #1

Thread & Supply Cozy Cloud Wrap | $115

This cardigan is sooo cozy and honestly just what I need for those chilly mornings when I’m working from home. The coolest thing about this wrap is that it is made from recycled plastic water bottles! It is estimated that 4,690,000 water bottles were diverted from landfills, which is the equivalent of 648,159 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions.

Rose & Fitzgerald Brushed Gold Kettle | $98

If cardigans aren’t really your thing, this gold kettle looks gorgeous. I already have a tea kettle and decided not to choose this one in my box, but if I didn’t it would be a great functional decor piece that you could leave out on the stove top. The production of this product helped ensure 300 artisans were employed. I love beautiful, functional products that also support small businesses and communities.

Customization #2

Activated Eco Reusable Silicone Baking Sheets | $18

I chose the silicone baking sheets because I actually already have one I purchased on my own and I use it ALL the time! Trevor and I often roast veggies and fish using our silicone baking sheet. Now we can rotate the usage of our baking sheets with these two new pretty silicone sheets. It is estimated these silicone baking sheets will on average save 18 rolls of baking paper per year.

Boon Supply Reusable Zip Pouches | $22

I love how easy switching out single-use plastic bags is with the switch to reusable zip pouches. I love the simplistic and clean look of the Boon Supply reusable bags.

Item #3

SKIN&CO Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner | $30

Everyone gets one of these toners in their box and I am so excited because I am actually running out of my current toner. Although I am usually skeptical of trying out new skincare products this one looks gentle created with Mediterranean botanical extracts. I love that it’s vegan and cruelty free so you can feel good about using this product. I typically use a toner right after cleaning my face to really get rid of any bacteria and fully cleanse my skin. Do you use a toner? How do you use it?

Customization #4

Zeal Living Marble Geo Coasters | $42

When I saw these coasters as an option in the customization, I knew I had to have them. These coasters helped to employ over 9,000 artisans in 17 African countries and were made by a 60 percent female workplace. They are absolutely gorgeous in person and feel like a quality piece that I will hopefully have for a while.

True Moringa Rejuvenating Body Polish | $34

This body scrub looks amazing and would be perfect for gently exfoliating during the colder months. True Moringa serves over 5,000 small farming families and has increased farmers’ income by 10 times. They have also taken steps to plant over 2,000,000 trees.

Sanctuary Project Thick Gold Hoops | $38

These gold hoops are so cute! If I didn’t choose the coasters, the earrings would be my second choice. These would be a great gold staple piece to add to my jewelry collection and would go well with a lot of different outfits. Sanctuary Project is a non-profit social enterprise providing employment to survivors of trafficking, violence, and addiction. 100 percent of Sanctuary Project sales go directly to providing more job opportunity and training to survivors.

Customization #5

Maggie’s Organics Heathered Slouchy Socks | $25

This was such a hard choice for me, but ultimately I chose the slouchy socks. These socks are made from 100 percent Fair Trade organic cotton and are so soft and a perfect light gray color that will go with almost anything. I know I’ll be living in my new Thread & Supply wrap and these slouchy socks.

ettitude Travel Beauty Pillowcase | $25

I really liked the idea of the travel pillowcase, but didn’t see myself traveling any time soon although when I do I will be purchasing one of these. It is such a good idea to bring your own pillow case. The ettitude pillowcase is made from 100 percent bamboo and uses a closed loop system that reuses 98 percent of its water in future production cycles.

Customization #6

Idlewild Co. Yearly Planner | $32

This was also a very hard choice for me, the foot masks really intrigued me and without having a pedicure in awhile my feet probably need it haha. I ended up going with the Idlewild planner because it looked so cute and I knew I was going to need a new one anyways. Idlewild Co. is woman owned and operated and swaps plastics for biodegradable materials. I’ve actually already started using it and have decorated it with some fun stickers!

Soon Skincare Peony Foot Masks | $45

These foot masks are new to me! I wish these were included in all the boxes, but I know I’ll be checking out Soon’s website to purchase some of these masks on my own. “Soon” in Korean means smooth and pure just what I need during the cold, dry winter. These masks are vegan and cruelty free that use ingredients like licorice and ginger root to restore and nourish your soles.

Total value: $262.00

Paid: $49.95

There you have it! A total of six amazing and most importantly, useful items all for about $50. The total value of the box is well over what I paid, but honestly I just find it fun to find such high-quality, sustainable goods that support artisans and small businesses all over the world.

Want your own 2021 winter causebox? Get it here for $10 off your first box.

Hope you enjoyed unboxing the 2020 fall causebox with me. Comment your favorite item from the 2020 fall causebox below!

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