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March 2017 Favorites

Fashion/Beauty Favorites

I didn’t have that many fashion or beauty favorites since I haven’t bought any new clothing pieces and I haven’t changed any of my makeup products, but it’s been really cold lately, drying out my skin. Here are a few products I found to keep hydrated!

I’m in love with this hand cream because it isn’t greasy and you only need a little bit. I think it smells really good. Some people may disagree, but I think it smells like marshmallows haha.

I got to sample each of the popular Glam Glow face products and I by far liked the THIRSTYMUD Hydrating treatment the best. I’ve heard many bloggers talk about this, but I’m kind of late jumping on the bandwagon. Anyways, I like this mask because it’s not heavy like some mud masks and when you wash it off your face feels refreshed, a little tingly, and SUPER soft!

People Favorites

I’ve recently been enjoying watching and reading Dani Austin’s content. I found her YouTube channel through her brother Landon Austin a while back and have been hooked ever since. Her southern charm is adorable and her content just brightens up my day. Check out her latest morning routine!

Book Favorites

It’s Not Okay by Andi Dorfman


I started this book over the summer and I’m just now finishing it, but it’s kind of your typical Bachelor breakup covered by Andi (the Bachelorette) instead of the media. I’m secretly obsessed with the show and loved Andi on Juan’s season. I watched a little of Andi’s season, but her book is by far a great read for those obsessed with The Bachelor, anyone going through a serious breakup, or for someone looking for an easy “reality” read.

Music Favorites

Grace VanderWaal

I first saw Grace VanderWaal through a viral Facebook video singing on America’s Got Talent. Right after seeing the video of her singing “I Don’t Know My Name”, an original she wrote, I immediately started searching for her on YouTube. I listened to the video of her singing on repeat. She won the America’s Got Talent show and right after released an EP, which has been my go to music to get ready in the morning. Her music has a raw and folksy sound, similar to Jason Mraz and Ed Sheeran.

Food Favorites


  1. Cookie Butter – I first discovered Speculoos while I was in Germany studying abroad and haven’t found it since. Just recently though I was in a grocery store in Canada while on spring break (check out what I did on spring break in Toronto here) and feel in love with it all over again. I usually just eat it straight out of the tub or I’ll spread it on toast in the morning. I guess you can buy it in the states at Trader Joe’s so I’ll definitely be getting more!

  1. YumEarth Organic Pops – I bought these to nom on for a trip and found they’re super delicious. There’s four flavors: strawberry, pomegranate, peach, watermelon and they’re all really good. I think Trevor’s eaten about half of them… he likes em too haha! They’re also organic so it’s kind of healthy right…?


  1. Hank’s Hot Sauce – I found this hot sauce by going to one of my favorite brunch places in South Side Bethlehem, Full of Crepe, and have been on the look out ever since. I finally found it at a fish shop in New Jersey. This hot sauce is good on everything from eggs, to meat, to veggies. It’s not super spicy, but it has a ton of flavor due to its herb base.

  1. Pesto Encrusted Salmon – This is a dish Trevor and I just kind of whipped up one night. We usually prepare roasted red potatoes and shaved brussels with the fish. It’s a quick and easy meal, which we get for about $20. It’s also super healthy. Look out for an upcoming post on meals for two under $20!

Let me know what you’ve been loving in the month of march in comments!

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