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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts


Valentine’s Day is my FAVORITE holiday! I’m not exactly sure why, but there’s something about the flowers, the little heart shaped candies, and the corny cards that get me. Normally, I’d go all out by decorating my room in shades of pink, red, and purple, as well as, get my favorite people well-thought-out gifts, but being a college student means time is limited. There are only two days left and I still haven’t gotten my gifts and I’M FREAKING OUT! If you’re also scrambling around for gifts like me here’s my list of last minute Valentine’s Day gifts.

For Her

  1. Breakfast in Bed


You can’t go wrong cooking for the girl you love (especially if you’re good at it). This is an easy last minute gift that’s actually really thoughtful and is budget friendly. You can go really cheap with eggs, toast, and some bacon or go all out with macaroons, French press coffee, and smoked salmon. You get the point though, it’s easy and works for all budgets!

  1. Mini Spa Treatment

spa treatment

Get your girl some face masks, nail polish, and a foot rub. I guarantee she’ll love this. It’s also really easy to put together and again you can spend $20 on a couple little things or you can buy her this lush bundle of bath bombs. Your choice!

  1. Knock Knock Sexy Citation Notepad


This one I just find really funny and it’s on amazon so you can expedite the shipping or sign up for prime and get two-day free shipping! This brand also has some other funny notepads/checklists.

  1. Flowers


This one is a classic. I personally love some good fresh tulips or daisies, since I’m allergic to roses, but you can’t go wrong with a dozen roses or get them a succulent which doesn’t need a ton of light and is easy to take care of. I personally love this because I enjoy having fresh plants all around my room to liven up my apartment.

  1. Giant Teddy Bear


This wouldn’t be a Valentine’s day gift list if it didn’t include a giant teddy bear. Every girl wants to come home to her boyfriend holding a dozen roses, heart-shaped chocolates, and a giant teddy bear even if she hasn’t told you. Let’s be real by being an Instagram worthy boyfriend you’ll get major bonus points!

For Him

  1. Homemade Cookies


Everyone loves sweets and baking your guy their favorite cookies shows them you care and you know them well.

  1. Tie


As you may know or not know… I’m in a sorority and a cute gift some of my friends have done were given their boyfriends ties/bowties that match their dresses for formal. Even if you’re not involved in Greek life, a tie that matches one of your dresses could be a great gift for a fancy night out.

  1. Razors/ Shaving Accessories

dollar shave club

Sign your guy up for the Dollar Shave Club. It’s a pretty cool subscription box that they can test out and if they like it they can customize it to their likes and continue to use it throughout the year. You can also check out the Art of Shaving.

  1. Underwear!


I swear guys have like five pairs of underwear and the last time they bought underwear was a century ago. I feel like this a great functional gift that they will be appreciative of.

  1. Booze Bouquet


This is for all the 21-year-olds out there. A booze bouquet is like the equivalent of a dozen roses for the girl. Getting a variety of little trial bottles is great for trying new things and it makes for a cute gift.

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