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January 2017 Favorites

Beauty Favorites

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 7.36.34 PM.png

I’ve always used powder as a foundation, but lately I’ve been loving the Becca Ever-Matte Foundation. Since I tend to have oily to normal skin this stays on my face all day while giving a natural finish. To help that stay in place I was recommended the MAKE UP FOREVER Super Matte Loose Powder using the Sephora Pro Precision Powder Brush to ensure an extra matte finish and to help freshen up my makeup throughout the day. Another all-time favorite has been the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Mad Max Brown. Usually I stuck with the Stila liquid liner, but I feel like this one gives a cleaner line and stays in place all day. Lastly, I have to include the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. It’s a little pricey for a concealer, but I’ve been using it for at least two years now and I’m still a big fan of this concealer.

People Favorites

  1. Hailey & Brad Devine

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 1.16.48 PM

I absolutely love the Devines. Their blog posts are filled with beautiful pictures like the one above that make me feel like I’m on their adventures with them. Their posts always seem to make me smile and make me wanting more. They also make gorgeous YouTube videos so be sure to check them out there too!

  1. Aspyn Ovard

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 1.19.06 PM

Another one of my favorite bloggers I actually discovered through YouTube is Aspyn Ovard. From starting a YouTube channel to getting married to traveling the world I’ve followed Aspyn for a while now and her content online has just continued to get better. I also love Aspyn + Parker’s vlog channel because they really try to invite their followers into their lives sharing the ups and downs of life.

  1. Amanda Holstein

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 1.20.24 PM.png

I actually never heard of Amanda Holstein’s blog until I googled “top ten blogs to follow for twenty year olds” and of course Advice from a Twenty Something came up as one of the top three for a reason! Amanda’s advice column is amazing and I think it’s awesome that she believes twenty year olds have something to say and maybe other generations should listen. Amanda’s website covers everything from beauty to wellness to career advice. Go check it out!

Books Favorites

milk and honey by rupi kaur

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 1.21.56 PM

I have no words for this book and this amazing woman. Buy the book, read it, and let it speak for itself.


Tell Her You Love Her (Acoustic) – Echosmith


I’ve been playing this on repeat this month…

Food Favorites

  1. EatPastry Gluten Free Cookie Dough

My favorite sweet treat after a long day of classes or on a lazy Sunday is fresh baked cookies. I like the EatPastry Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough because it comes in a tub so you’re not forced to make 24 cookies at a time. Also because there isn’t raw eggs in the cookie dough you can eat it right out of the tub.

  1. Veggie Stix

I’m usually craving something salty rather than sweet so when I’m not eating cookie dough I’m reaching for these. The Veggie Stix have less fat than potato chips and they’re just as good if not better!

  1. Açaí Purée Packets

I’m kind of late catching on to the Açaí bowls, but I like the idea that you can just throw one of these in the blender with half a frozen banana. Then add some chia seeds and cut up fresh fruit. Bam you’ve got breakfast or a light lunch!

Random Favorites

  1. Apple TV

I recently purchased a TV for my bedroom at school and I don’t have cable so I got the Apple TV. Let me tell you… the Apple TV has changed my life. I love how seamless the interface is and that I can connect all my shows and applications through the TV app.

  1. Sip by Swell Water Bottle

Sip was created by Swell the popular water bottle brand that has been all the rave around the country, as well as, on my college campus. If you’re looking for a simpler design and a cheaper more accessible version of the same bottle try the Sip bottles. They were designed specifically for Target and they come in a bunch of cute colors.

  1. Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit Sneakers

Lastly, I’ve been loving my new sneakers the Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit Sneakers. At first I was hesitant to purchase them because the colors seemed a little crazy, but these sneakers seem to go with everything and are incredibly comfortable. They come in other subdued colors if you’re not into the multi-color sneakers.

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment about what you’ve been loving below.

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