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Blogmas DAY 14: STEM Appreciation Post


Have you met Molly? Photo via

Hi guys, welcome to Blogmas day 14. Today I’m talking about STEM! If your scratching your head as to what this is let’s start with what STEM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Today I’ve dedicated this post to encourage kids and people of all ages to pursue passions in science and math related fields. If you didn’t already know, I am pursuing a B.S. degree in electrical engineering (a fellow STEMist).

When I was in high school trying to figure out what I’d go to college for I never really thought of majoring in engineering. I didn’t even know what engineering meant. People kept telling me I wasn’t right for engineering that it was a “boys major” anyways. By junior year of high school I figured I’d major in business.

It wasn’t until I meant with my college counselor who told me I should work in marketing or sales because I had good public speaking skills and looked the part, that I decided I was more than just a pretty face who could talk in front of an audience (not that marketing is that simple, trust me I’ve taken intro to marketing and it’s much MORE). Since committing to Lehigh University for Electrical Engineering, I’ve learned so much more about what engineering is and how you can use your knowledge to solve everyday problems to world issues.

As a woman in STEM, I found it very helpful to find mentors to guide and motivate me. They helped me gain confidence in my skills and talent. I hope to be a mentor to young adults looking to enter the STEM field. I think it is so important to promote STEM to children and especially to young girls. Engineering and math isn’t just for boys anymore; it’s for everyone! I’m so glad to be a part of the STEM community and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For a little inspiration “Meet Molly, the kid who never stops inventing – GE Commercial”

Are you in STEM? If so, what’s your major? What is your occupation?

If not, have you thought about doing something in the STEM field?

Drop me an answer in the comments! 🙂

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