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A Temporary New Englander


Dinner with Trevor’s Parents and Grandparents


Inside CR Moulton’s


Flat White at Atomic Coffee Roasters


Cinnamon Bun Pancakes from Moulton’s


Flatbreads in Amesbury!


Kent Pond


Frog House (I didn’t have a picture so Trevor sent me one from the fall haha)


Raclette Dinner


My adventure started at 4am two Saturdays ago when my friend Lyndsey and I drove to the airport still half asleep, but managed to talk the entire two hour drive. We arrived at the Newark Airport where we said our goodbyes and parted ways, Lyndsey headed home and I headed to my gate. The whole reason I was up that early on a Saturday morning was because Trevor and I planned to meet up in Massachusetts (where he’s from) after wrapping up school and right before our internships started. After a pretty rocky flight due to a lot of turbulence, I arrived in Boston!

Trevor picked me up at the airport and then we drove back to his house. We grabbed brunch at Moulton’s and some coffee at Atomic Coffee. Later that day we grabbed dinner with Trevor’s parents and grandparents. The next couple days were filled with the infamous cinnamon bun pancakes at Moulton’s in downtown Newburyport, Trevor’s talked about it since we met haha, and dinner from Flatbreads in Amesbury another one of Trevor’s favorites.

That Tuesday night, we headed to Killington, Vermont. We stayed about three days where I got to see the frog house, Trevor pushed me into a freezing cold pond, and Kobe had his first swim, as well as, discovering some more awesome pancakes at a place called Sugar & Spice. It was nice spending a few days there. It was quiet and peaceful. Oh, I also had my first Raclette dinner!

Thursday night we headed back to Massachusetts with Kobe and Kato (Treovr’s dog) in tow, both tired, but excited to get home. We unpacked our things, cooked dinner, and relaxed with a little Burn Notice.

Friday was a day of packing and another day spent in downtown Newburyport. We walked around and decided on a restaurant called The Grog for lunch. I ordered their famous clam chowder and a brie pear panini, which were both AMAZING. Trevor got a burger with avocado and mushrooms that smelled delicious. After, we walked around a little longer and headed back to the dogs. We wrapped up the week cooking dinner, playing mancala (in which I won every game), and watching a little TV.

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