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My Favorite Home Workouts

I am really missing my gym/group fitness workouts. Before the shelter-in-place mandates took effect, I was going to my local Barre3 three to four times a week alongside runs outside. Although working out at home isn’t the same as going to your favorite yoga studio or hitting the machines at planet fitness, I enjoy cutting the commute to the gym and finding unique workouts I normally wouldn’t do. Many of my friends and family ask me what my favorite at-home workouts are so I thought I’d share them with you! Here are my favorite home workouts you can do with little to no equipment and some are even free 🙂


Yoga with Adrienne

Platform: YouTube

Price: FREE

Yoga is great not only for the body, but also the mind. After graduating college, I wanted to save some money by doing at-home yoga rather than paying to go to a studio. Enter, Yoga with Adrienne! I found her YouTube channel about two years ago and I love that she has put together several 30-day yoga video series. Although I find it takes me longer than 30 days to complete the series, the series are truly yoga journeys. They start out with the fundamentals and utilize these skills throughout the 30 days. I always feel good after a practice with Adrienne. Fun tip: find a friend who will also take on the same 30-day journey and have a Zoom yoga session together!



Platform: YouTubeWebsite

Price: FREE

My first interaction with at-home workouts was with POPSUGAR Fitness. I fell in love with the upbeat workouts and color-coordinated outfits, which is totally unnecessary but hey whatever works right? You can find a lot of their workout videos on YouTube, but they also started an online platform called Active where you can create an account and track your workouts there. There is a wide variety of workouts from yoga and pilates classes to dance and boxing classes to your typical HIT workouts. They got it all! 


Nike Training Club

Platform: App

Price: FREE 

This one is a classic. It’s also geared towards women and men contrasted with most of the at-home workouts I do are normally geared towards women. This lets me get Trevor to do them with me sometimes 🙂  Their new series: Big Workouts for Small Spaces is a perfect at-home workout series to complete. I like the recommend workouts designed for you on the home page and the ability to earn “trophies” as an incentive to complete workout streaks. Since many of the workouts are less than 30 minutes, they are effective and efficient total body workouts on their own or can be combined for a longer, more targeted workout. The Expert Tips are helpful for wellness tips on: training, nutrition, recovery, mindset, and sleep. 



Platform: App

Price: $19.99 / month or $9.99 / month (with an annual subscription)

This app yields results!

The Bikini Body Guide (aka BBG) by Kayla Itsine exploded my sophomore year of college (when it was just a downloadable PDF). My roommate tried the guide and was seeing noticeable results. I lost interest quickly as there wasn’t really a way to track my workouts and I didn’t feel like carrying a 30-page PDF around with me. When they released the app versions two years later, I downloaded and subscribed. I fell in love with my routine and felt myself getting stronger each week. Now, I tend to supplement these workouts with my other ones. This app yields results, but be warned they are hard! Do these workouts if you want to break a sweat a home, no pun intended! 


Tone It Up

Platform: App

Price: $12.99 / month or  $6.99 / month (with an annual subscription)

Probably my favorite workout app! The coordinated outfits and beach scenery honestly motivate me to workout. When the SWEAT app by Kayla Itsine became popular, the Tone It Up app instantly became a competitor. These apps may be competing for downloads, but they are definitely different workouts. I prefer this app over the SWEAT app because the workouts are videos rather than just GIFs of the moves. The workouts are also a lot less repetitive. It gives you more of a group fitness class feel with words of encouragement while holding that never-ending plank *ugh*! All their videos are on-demand so you can piece together your own program or pick from one already curated. 



Platform: Website

Price: $29 / month As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I have been loving going to Barre3 classes and I can’t wait to get back to them. In the meantime, the online classes have been just as effective and a lot cheaper! Worried you don’t have the right equipment? Many of the require little to no equipment. You can supplement different home items for the equipment needed, such as a rolled towel in place of the ball and filled water bottles as weights. They even have a 15-day at-home challenge which I have been loving. Try it, you won’t regret it (and if you do, no harm no foul just cancel the membership). Join today for $10 off your first month!

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