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It’s a Boy!

Hey all! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but things have been a little crazy with finals and wrapping up the semester. I’m posting because I have an announcement… I GOT A PUPPY!

Visiting Kobe for the First Time


Can you spot me… I’m on the left!


Kobe Comes Home


Kobe sleeping like a human


Kobe’s First Bath


The Search

I’ve wanted to get a dog for a while now. I haven’t had one since my freshmen year of high school and ever since I’ve been fawning over every dog that passes on the street. I started visiting the local Humane Society with Trevor just to get my dog fix. We would go almost every weekend during this past semester. I started by looking at various hypoallergenic breeds, I stumbled upon the cavapoo, a cavalier mixed with a mini poodle. All the pictures online looked like little teddy bears and I fell in love. Then I researched the health, temperament, and grooming of cavapoos. It seemed like a perfect fit considering cavaliers are great apartment pets and poodles are extremely intelligent making them easier to train. From there I started looking up breeders in the area. I found a couple of different breeders and called them to see if I could visit to check the breeding conditions and their current litter of puppies. Most of them called back and I decided I’d visit one of them that weekend.

Picking a Puppy

I told myself I would just check out the breeding site, see if I liked the breed by interacting with the puppies, and ask when they would be expecting their next litter. But… as soon as I saw the five little puppies running out of the barn I resist. I picked my favorite one and put a security deposit down.

I think Trevor was thinking the same thing I was on the way back from our trip to visit the puppies, WHAT THE HECK DID YOU GET US INTO. Haha I told the breeder I would be back in a few weeks after finishing my finals to pick up Timothy, the puppy I had picked out. After getting home though I realized I couldn’t wait that long and told the breeder I would be there in four days to pick him up.

Taking Him Home

It was a Wednesday when we went to go pick him up and officially named him Kobe. He slept the whole ride home and was hesitant when we brought him into my apartment, but soon warmed up to Trevor and I trying to sit in our laps anytime my roommates came over to see him.

The first night he slept in the crate and didn’t wake up until 6 a. m. the next morning, but as he got more comfortable he used his puppy eyes to convince Trevor and I to let him sleep in the bed.

Current Update

Today it’ll be two weeks since I picked Kobe up and brought him home! He’s now 11.5 weeks old. He’s been a hit on campus, everywhere we got people want to pet him and know his breed. As far as training goes, he vaguely knows sit and lay down, but is still working on coming when his name is called. He’s been such a joy so far and I can’t wait for many more years to come!

More Updates to Come… Follow Kobe on Instagram!

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