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I’m Moving!

It’s official I’m moving! T-4 days until I get the keys to my brand new apartment! If you read my previous post you know where I’m moving. I’ll be graduating and then moving in immediately. I was planning on moving my stuff a little earlier, but after realizing how much packing I have to do it seemed impossible. It’s a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment and it’s about 800 square feet. It’s nothing huge, but it’s the perfect size for me. I’m really grateful for this opportunity to live in such a beautiful apartment with such a great management company! There’s a hardwood-like laminate in the kitchen/living area and then carpet in the bedroom/closet.

Here are a couple pictures from the last time we visited.

P.S. Get ready for some awesome food/cooking posts because the kitchen is ginormous and It’s probably what I’m most excited about haha

Is anyone else moving soon? What are you most excited about? Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts 🙂

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