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Best College Graduation Gifts

I have mixed feelings about graduating. On one hand, I’m super excited to start my new job and move to a new city, but on the other hand I’m scared of leaving my friends and the student lifestyle. Graduation is a momentous time; what better way than to celebrate than to give your grad a little something on their special day. I’ve put together a gift guide in case you’re not sure what to get.

Quality Luggage

A great graduation gift would be a quality set of luggage, especially if your grad is going to be traveling a lot for a job. It’s functional and makes traveling that much easier. I really like this set and this set.

Urban Outfitters

Work Bag or Laptop Case

A new work bag or laptop case will ensure your grad goes into their first day of work confident and ready to take on the corporate world! For her and for him.


Brooklinen Sheets

Sheets are probably the last item on your grad’s wishlist, but trust me. They’re going to thank you for the goodnight’s sleep. Brooklinen has some great sets and their luxe sheets are to-die-for. They also have this really cool “move-in” set that includes everything your grad could ever need for a good night’s rest. Get your grad a neutral color sheet set like this one or a gift card if you’re unsure what color they’d like.


Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are so much fun because it’s like sending your grad a gift each month. You can also find a subscription box for almost anything, whether your grad is a foodie, dog lover, style icon, or makeup guru. Check out the fabfitfun box and get $10 off your first box with the code “SUNSHINE


Gym Membership

Treat your grad to a luxury gym membership in their area.


College Memorabilia

We get it, leaving college is hard. Stop by their college bookstore and pick up a sweatshirt or banner. Anything that reminds them of the best four years!



It’s also hard for your grad to leave their friends. Pick up a few frames from framebridge so they can take their memories with them to a new city and a new apartment.


A Tablet

Most likely your grad has been using the same computer for three or four years. It’s getting to the end of it’s life and has no storage left. If you’re looking to shell out a couple extra bucks for your grad, consider getting a tablet to scroll through pinterest, New York Times, etc.

The Verge


Let’s be honest, other than mastering easy mac and ramen your grad probably has no idea how to cook. Get them a cookbook they’ll actually use (aka something quick and easy). I really like this one and this one. This one if they’re vegan!



Everyone needs one whether they like it or not. Get one so your grad’s new apartment is covered in a layer of dust and dirt 🙂


Nice Coffeemaker

Feed your grad’s caffeine addiction with a quality coffee maker. A good cup of joe will save your grad a lot of money if they’re a starbucks addict like me.


Amazon Prime Membership

This one needs no explanation. With all the new things they will need to buy for their apartment, they’ll thank you every time they get 2-day free shipping.

NBC News

Alexa Device

This is a good pair if you’re getting your grad an Amazon Prime membership. They can use their Alexa device to place orders by voice, play their favorite songs, and listen to the news before they head to work.



I’m thinking about the Best Self Co. Journal in particular. This journal will help your grad reach his or her 10-year plan by laying out goals in a low pressure way.


A tool-kit

Similar to the vacuum idea. A new grad will love having a basic toolkit to get them through building all their new Ikea furniture!


Nice Watch

A classic, getting your grad a new watch is a typical grad gift and it’s great because it’s a staple piece in any business man or woman’s work wardrobe.


Hellofresh gift card

This one is probably my favorite, but that’s because I love food haha. If you don’t already know what Hellofresh is, it’s a food delivery service where you can pick 2 or 3 meals a week to be delivered to you door with just the right proportions. It’s fun and healthy way to try out cooking. If your grad loves food like me they will definitely enjoy this gift! Click here to get $40 off your first box or a grad’s first box 🙂


Business Card Holder

Here’s a gift your grad might not of thought of to ask: a business card holder. It will help keep all their contacts in one place for reference. I originally thought business cards were a thing of the past due to everything going digital, but I can’t count how many times someone has handed me a business card and I misplaced it somewhere. Now I just throw it in my business card holder and scan them digitally onto my phone. This way I don’t have to scan it right away, but I can still keep digital copies.

Kate Spade


Whether your grad is a music buff or solely uses headphones at the gym, you can be sure they will love a new pair of headphones. The Apple earbuds you get with the latest iPhone are great, but these would also be a nice gift 🙂


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